Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dolly Lenz : The Meticulous US Real Estate Agent

Dolly Lenz, New York’s real estate queen, who since 1997 has sold more business than any other agent in the United States. Ms. Lenz never stops working. She works almost 90-hour week or 80-hour week and that is equal to everybody else’s three weeks. She is very tenacious. She says “If I think there’s a reason for me to be there, I’m going to be there, and you’re not going to be able to get rid of me”. She come up between what’s happening now and what’s happening three weeks from now and overcomes all those obstacles today; so whenever someone gives her the obstacle, she already knows it. She is just like playing a chess game, a three-dimensional chess game. She hires limos and charters helicopters to take prospective buyers to see multimillion-dollar estates in the Hamptons.

If we talk about the work of DollyLenz, she started working at age 12, making sandwiches at a deli in her Washington Heights neighborhood. She also did many part-time jobs as a teenager and after that as an auditor at a movie firm. She developed relationships with Barbra Streisand and other stars. Dolly also worked as a full time Floor Manager at Macy's. And she kept building her income bit by bit. Although she had a lucrative career at UA, she bought and rented out apartments for extra income. Gradually and with lot of client satisfaction and real estate referrals, she rose to the heights we watch her today…

Dolly Lenz: The Transition from an Accountant to a Real Estate Broker

The realty world hails Dolly Lenz for what she is today. She has been proclaimed globally as the “Queen of US Real Estate”. However, not many people are aware of the turmoil she had to pass through to reach this position. The seed for this was sown in her early childhood though she was not aware of her flight herself before it really happened…

At the age of 9, DollyLenz used to accompany her father to every house that he bought for investment in the Bronx. Her father’s advice and guidance that she received in her childhood helped her a lot in this field. An engineer with a mechanical background, he taught her about boilerplates and other technical details. When she turned 18, her father helped her to buy a studio apartment that faced a brick wall on Park Avenue on Murray Hill for $63,000. As squeezed-in work outside of UA, she bought “7” other units in the building and made herself treasurer of the board.

When Ms Lenz was working for UNITED ARTISTS as an Accountant, she also made some money by part time realty dealings. Dolly Lenz was very good at closing deals. Observing Dolly’s potential, her husband, Aaron, suggested that she should become a real estate agent. So she started trying for that but she couldn't find a suitable job in the industry. She was told - 'You don't cut it. Why would you even apply?' At that time, Lenz heard so many rejections (16 in all) that she shrugged off. However, she soon realized that it was not her lack of experience, but her looks that turned off prospective employers. So she changed her appearance altogether. Her experience and habit of following her dad made her natural at selling. She read reams of material and grasped the facts: all the basic details that she needs like house's square feet, how long it was on the market. And after that she never turned back, success started knocking her door. By 1999, she was at Prudential's Douglas Elliman Real Estate, about which she says that she is not going to leave.